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We have provided many maps to help you become more familiar with Hawaii. To view a larger version of the map just click on the thumbnail image. Enjoy!

Big Island General Map

Hawaii District Map This map separates the different areas of the Big Island by district. This is especially useful when you are first becoming familiar with the Island. Here's a tricky one to remember: "South Hilo" can be NORTH of Hilo!

Big Island Annual Temperature Map

Hawaii District Map This map will give you a good idea of what temperatures to expect in the different areas of the Big Island. If you look closely we're sure you will be amazed at the real diversity in temperature that is the norm on our Island.

Big Island Annual Rainfall Map

Land Usage Map You may not be aware of how different the Big Island is when it comes to climate. Some areas are extremely dry while some are very wet. This map will help give you an idea of how much rainfall areas of this island can expect to receive.

Big Island Lava Flow Hazard Zone Map

Lavazone Map

"What is a Lava Zone?" you may be asking yourself. Really it's quite simple. The Big Island Lava Zone map on the left  divides the island into zones that are ranked from 1 through 9 based on the probability of coverage by future lava flows.

Yes, you may be saying to yourself, "whoa, an active volcano," but look at how many people live on a major fault line near San Francisco! At least we have the warm tropical breeze to keep our minds busy. More information can be found at the USGS Lava Hazard Zones website.

Big Island Land Usage Map

Land Usage Map This map displays how certain regions of the Big Island can be broken down by how they are used. Some areas are agricultural, some are rural, and some are urban. Parks and conservation areas are displayed as well.

Big Island TMK Maps

Hawaii District Map Each parcel of property in the State of Hawaii has its own unique Tax Map Key (TMK) number. The Hawaii Island TMK map is useful to realtors and others who want to know more about where properties are located on the Big Island.